Enchantment – Guy Kawasaki

Perfect start of the end of summer, get my brain working again book.

It won’t hurt your head, I promise.

Something to read at a cottage, on a dock, in a boat

where you have time to think in between and after

Yes Guy, Enchanting.

( TOO enchanting, I got #@$!#$ library fines

because I kept it to read it slow, like eating rich food)

Now don’t get me wrong.

There are some busine$$ tips in here

I LOVED the script to turn your front desk into front sales

Descriptions of what makes:

– A product enchanting

– A brand of value in 2011

– A strategy worth committing to

What is the most enchanting length of:

– Email – Video -PowerPoint

I love that Guy quotes my favourite networking book of all time on the topic of networking!! “Work the Pond” rules!!

As I was hoping, like Sally Hogshead takes apart “Fascination” for business, Guy takes apart enchantment and shares all the moving parts for you to create success.

Every chapter ends with a real world story. So thrilled a business hero of mine, Garr Reynolds is one and there’s a whole chapter on the beauty and simplicity of Japanese culture.

Biggest value?

How to enchant, I mean actual strategy using:


How to enchant

– Volunteers – Your boss – Your employees

And how cultivate enchantment Kryptonite to not be swayed by others..

The very best of pull marketing education. The business read of the summer.

I leave you with my favourite quote from the book and a great visual plug…

“The function of the muscles is to pull and not to push,

except in the case of the genitals and the tongue”.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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