The Advantage–Patrick Lencioni

This is NOT a post for small business, entrepreneurs or individual-innovators. For individuals,  I highly recommend the work of  Mr. Buckingham
For entrepreneurs and innovators, the work of Mr. Godin
But there are thousands of office towers filled with desk-bound millions. They do good work too and they deserve better in 2013. A confession: Every job I’ve had I the past 15 years, has been in an office. Even in a smaller organizations that should have been more scrappy and innovative were set up like 1950’s sitcoms ( at one the staff referred to themselves as “the girls” or the “secretarial pool” even though all were as old as my mother, which they were kind enough to remind me of, often), unproductive at the worst of times. A challenging structure at the best. corpThis is why I read so many books about innovation, collaboration and better productivity, not everyone can be an entrepreneur so why are these books geared towards only them?! The world will always need large organizations, be it banks, charities or manufacturing – they will ALWAYS exist. I work for them because of the powerful impact they have. They and I are not going to change so who can help US?!Patrick-Lencioni-team Patrick Lencioni, that’s who! The destroyer of dysfunction, the slayer of silos, the master of the meeting. His books are my MOST recommended when leaders of larger organizations want to fix, change and improve culture, teams and productivity. lencionisetIf you haven’t read one of his books, written as fables for faster reading and better retention for the busy executive, get on it. They are to business books what cupcakes are to muffins – more Awesome. Period. But for those who know his work, Patrick has finally put together a book of strategy after writing, speaking and consulting with hundreds of teams. The Advantage is a book dedicated to organizational health. I know, it sounds hippyish but you know the toxic, unproductive, absenteeism-riddled result of unhealthy organizations; we’ve all worked in one. advantageSo dear leader, make some time, grab a coffee. Patrick is here to help. His methods aren’t new and sexy, he doesn’t try to sell you on a new acronym ( if one more person tries to tell me about SMART goals I’m going to lose it). This books helps leadership teams to identify values and gives practical ways to achieve them, he actually summarizes many of the best methods mentioned in his previous books! Just one reason it was named bizbook of the year by 1-800-CEO-Read. Core culture change, better meetings and staff communications and a big chapter on hiring for fit are just some of the big wins this book can help with. So if you lead or manage a team in a large organization, for-profit company or social-profit charity THIS book will help you rock 2013. Special thanks and shout out to the folks at @TheArtOf and @KnightsbridgeCA for a sneak peak of this book and bringing Patrick to Canada in 2013! I know a lot of you have recently invested in a tablet – here’s Patrick talking about the book AND the new even more resource filled eBook version! PurpleEnjoy, Paul

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