A day with Young Fundraising Professionals

I’m tired and I need sleep

But I just can’t put my head down without saying a deep, humble thank you.

Took the day off today to teach at Humber College Post-grad Fundraising Program on my two all time favourite topics : Planned Giving and LinkedIN

Special thanks to Dr. Bill Hallett, PhD, ACFRE who kindly asked me back.

Dear #HFVM12 you were engaging, curious and as always that energy of challenge and eagerness to do good was powerful. It is my hope that the time was of value to you – I know you inspired the hell out of me.

You ARE going to change the world. Thanks for taking me along for the ride….

A quick note on spending the whole day together…

And then we got in the ZipVan and went to #YNPCanada!!

One year, just look at the positive connections made. I hope you’re proud of yourselves Stephen Thomas – you’ve raised the bar yet again. So great that the whole team was out and the numbers were through the roof!

A note of wisdom right before my talk from @STPres Neil Gallaiford :
“know what I tell young professionals about what to do when opportunity knocks?”

“Say Yes”.

Yes to your excellence
Yes to the potential you know is there
You’re not cutting off a body part, it’s scary but don’t look back

Great advice Neil.

Just so folks can find the items I referenced in my talk:

@SusanCain ‘ s book Quiet : The Power of Introverts

@ShepaTweet‘s book Work the Pond

@ThisisSethsBlog book Linchpin

Managing Brand You

Most importantly, Dan Pink’s Flip Manifesto and his concept of “Uncommissioned Art”

Hope these messages were of value:

Lead without title – find a non-work skill and DO it daily

Don’t Fake it ‘Till you Make it / BE it until you ARE it.

You need people pulling you up, and pushing you forward.

Experiment with brand you, test it then make it your non-work passion.


As you go forward in life, know that I and thousands of others are here for you

Congrats again @ST_Digital on a great event!!

I leave you with the words of Neil G – Say Yes

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