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They say, the early bird gets the worm. Many folks know I hold networking meetings over 100+ mornings a year before work – to get inspired and fulfil my personal mission. cl2This Valentines day, I hosted an event for those who were in and out of love with their careers, to connect for 2013’s success. A big thanks to the couple dozen folks who came out bright and early tCL3o network. I am always grateful for your investment in me and I love to see you invest in you! ( the meaning of my twitter handle by the way ). A note about some folks I singled out. They run their own businesses and all six of them are my “category killers” who I refer often. I’m happy to share them with you too as I speak about them all the time. Clare runs a social media company specializing in charities and social-profit organizations.  Jacklyn is the secret photographer behind many charity photoshoots in my network. Janice is a professional coach for fundraisers. Jeff captures the power of video for social and business media. Two new additions to this list are to be noted as they are 2013 additions and you’ll see me talking more about them. CherJones1) Cher Jones is on the trail to help Canadians embrace “Social Business” like me. But she has a business to coach individuals and groups on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. I look forward to her help to get anyone in my network up to speed in 2013!Larysa-Kalyta-Marche-Toronto 2) Larysa Kalyta is the team lead with my #1 favourite networking venue, Marche Brookfield and I won’t be keeping this secret to myself any longer. Read exactly why you should be hosting your next event at this venue! I highly encourage anyone to consider sharing their favourite experts iKeepCalmNetworkONn the comments below – heck I created my own award to name out loud my annual networking MVP’s. We need to celebrate the best in our lives and help them help our network to get what they want in business and life. I WANT to help you do this dear network, so keep in touch and make contact any time… I’m always at your service, LinkedIn2012aa   Paul

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