Exclusive inclusive social media training at #CAGP2013

It’s just hours before the CAGP National Conference. I’m crazy excited.socialmedia Several peers have contacted me with the same request, “hey Paul, there is no social media training for planned giving fundraisers on the program, can we talk about it when I see you?”  Now, I don’t fault the conference team, this is NOT a required job skill in 2013 for fundraisers or other professionals. But by 2014? Maybe… by 2015? Watch the video below and tell me this is a fad. Respected peers of mine continue to marvel, falsely so, at my social media prowess. It’s a trick! I tell them, I have time saving strategies! They don’t believe me, so the magician is sharing his secrets, all before breakfast.  2013OttawaTwitterTeam15 minutes, free resources. Crash course. It’s about time saving, I have a full time job and a family after all. I will prove to you that you can do it. I will teach you 3 ways to make it possible in your work and life. Come to the registration booth, 7:30AM on Thursday April 18. They’ll tell you where it is ( or follow the Twitter team at #CAGP2013 ) tell others please! Non-early risers, you tell me if you want to engage at my Tuesday night event or on Wed/Thurs. I’ll make it work. You’ll always hear me say “I’m at your service”, make me prove it. LinkedIn2012a If you’re willing, I’m ready. Bright and early.   Paul

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