Witness a 21st Century Job Search

Helping people with career development and job searches is a daily part of my life. So, I meet a lot of job seekers and I talk to a lot of people in hiring positions. Many have courage, some are leaders… FEW innovate. HeidiTsao_digitalEnter Heidi Tsao. Heidi is a marketing professional. I know what you’re thinking be let me share that some of the most unoriginal, 1950’s style job searches I’ve seen have come from ‘creative types’ on both sides of the hiring table. Heidi was different. Frustrated with the now 100 year old hiring process Heidi, who already had a well-read blog decided to engage in a totally transparent and digital job search. See the first edition of : THE INTERVIEW STAGE Her videos are entertaining and the quality of the content is better than most paid video-blogs out there. Both the content and the format, this is what a job search needs to look like in 2014. I’ve suggested to so many people that they need to start blogging as job seekers, starting to use Twitter and of course using LinkedIn. Most ignore me and choose the “safe, comfortable path” of sending out 1000 resume’s, talking to employer-focused recruiters and going on futile interviews. I refuse to pull people to their own success. So let me share how inspirational what Heidi has done is to me and many others. Watch her videos, visit her site, her LinkedIn and Twitter profile. This is a case study in career awesomeness. InterviewStage Job seekers – pay attention to the content of this video series. It takes apart the interview process and tackles many of the frustrating part of a job search. From THE dumb question, common questions to the sometimes odd experiences, to staying motivated. And now, at the end of Heidi’s search, she has done the most powerful thing possible. Something networkers, hiring directors and yes even charities don’t do well – say a powerful thank you. I choke up every single time I watch the video below. Heidi you are so witty, intelligent, inspiring and amazing. I look forward to getting to know you better but for now, thank you for allowing me to walk with you on this adventure and being courageous enough to share your challenges, frustrations and insight that I know will help many others in the future. blogWith gratitude and respect,       Paul Nazareth

Ps. Thanks for the very kind shout-out!

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  1. Paul – I'm flabbergasted and flummoxed reading this post. I'm so lucky to have met you (well, first Nina, who introduced me to you!). Your advice and encouragement were such a boon to me during my search. But most of all, the passion you have for helping others, and your reasons behind it, have been inspirational to me.

    Like you, I will dedicate myself to helping other people in their career explorations to pay forward the gift that you have given to me. I can see now that doing this pays valuably in return.

    Can't thank you enough, but once again, across all platforms – THANKS!

  2. Way to go Heidi, I've enjoyed learning about your attitude, and I wish more people were brave enough to challenge the interview system!

    1. Thanks, Clare! I think it's important to assess your audience and decide if they have the appetite for something less conventional. For me, I knew that some potential employers were going to balk, but knew that if they did, they were not the right fit for me.

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