Why Starbucks rules

(Updated 2012)

 Starbucks means business.

Tim Hortons is Facebook.
Starbucks is LinkedIn.

Got to share this story. It is both cool and shares my addiction at the same time.

I had seven client meetings in one day, one after another. 7am to 7pm.

Four were in different Starbucks over a 20km radius.

I had one, one hour break in between my first and second meeting. Right next to my next meeting…was a Starbucks. So I went in.

Shut up. I know it’s sad, but as I tell my little one.  
Daddy needs his juice.

As I’m putting sugar in my coffee, I look to my left and sitting there is one of my LinkedIn connections ( an author ) who I’d pay money to listen to any time.

We get 15 quality minutes together.

Then as I’m getting up to leave, a guy approaches me noticing my “CharityVillage.com” bag and strikes up a conversation. This gentleman is a sector leader in my business and will launch at the largest fundraising conference in Canada, the single most interesting technology item that I’ve been waiting for, for the last ten years.

We’ve already booked a follow up meeting.

All that in less than 45 minutes.

This happens to me all the time. I can’t share enough about using Starbucks as a networking hub, whether you drink coffee or not.

As I think about the future of social business – the ‘bucks is named “most loved brand in social media” ( click here to read how they do it ). Now, more than ever, Starbucks rules.

I do have to figure out how to get the coffee smell out of my suits though.


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