Help! I need to become more boring

Some people enjoy being a host.
For me, it’s in my blood.

A big reason I left home at a very early age is that my mother is a very good cook and I needed my own kitchen to experiment.

I am afflicted with a rare disorder called I.G.S. : Italian Grandmother Syndrome
Which means if you come over you’ll eat too much but leave very happy.

I hosted a friday night bbq dinner party for two years straight. And I loved it.

With a team of 200, we fed 5000 homeless a year out of our Church Hall at a Toronto “Out of the Cold” site. I ended my duties as lead coordinator, head chef so to speak.

If I didn’t have to “work” for a living, this is what I’d do.

Life has changed in a wonderful way since then.

Marriage. Cat. Dog. Baby.

Which means, meals now…look like this.

So instead of packing up all my entertaining stuff…I hope to build successors to my host-with-the-most legacy

Are you a young person who hosts others at your dwelling?

Can I give you serving trays, special utensils etc..?
I have some $200 bar stools that I want to find a good home
Futon for the guest room or to add seating space etc..

If you’re in my network and want to rock 2011 – please make contact
paulnazareth at

With your help, I’ll become the Cosby sweater wearing, bad joke making, minivan driving, spending all hours at home boring loving Dad I need to be!

Thanks for the help.

I hate pins

I hate pins

Yes everyone uses them
Yes, they are the charity
and community standard

I still hate ’em.

But even I can’t ignore the pride when worn
the loyalty and brands they help build
the recognition they represent

Pins are powerful.

Soon, I will have to make some myself for work. But not today.
Today a peer of mine needed help and asked me for contacts. I know none.So, as always, I put out a call to the network for referrals!

I love doing this, let’s see who has made an impression on their customers!

Here’s what came back in 48 hours.

Every referral came with the testimonial of good price, on time and top quality.

Jeffrey Allan & Associates Inc.

Trevor Webster: 1.866.841.4560

Tammy Todorwich, Presidential Environment Inc.
416-960-6317 ext. 221

Awards Canada

Katika Integrated Communications Inc.
Andrew: 905.949.1020

Rideau Recognition Solutions ( Make the Order of Canada pin! )
Chris Adams: 1 (877) 789-0449 Ext. 404

And then there’s Brenda.

Brenda is the vendor. My network contact sent my email to her.
Not only did Brenda email me, she called to follow up within one hour.
Good on my network contact, good on Brenda.

If I was quoting a job today, there’s no question who would get the first quote.

Brenda MacDonald
PresidentCoyle & Greer
1-800-265-7083 Ext. 233

Thanks network!

I still hate pins.

Saving souls!

When I think soul – I think James Brown

The “hardest working man in show business”
as he used to call himself.

My profession overlaps with estate planning. Many people don’t know that the hardest working man in show business wasn’t buried for months because of a terrible battle over his estate.

James worked hard, sadly, not smart.

As you wind up your year – are you thinking smart about 2011?

Does your board sometimes look like this?

There’s a book to save their and your soul.

A national article was done on it recently ( link )

Charity Village’s national eteam called it one of the “top five reads to revitalize 2011”

Sounds like you and I should both read it eh.

I’ve got my hands on one. How ’bout you?

Several strategic leaders I know will be touching base with the publisher because they have organized a bulk purchase deal if you want all your board members to have one.

I checked it out, it’s a good deal. ( speak with Jim or Leanne ).

Work like James. Think like Peter.

I hope to rock 2011, would love your help and ideas!

A powerful new skill

I openly admit my addiction – I have seen my enemy

And it is Power Point!
The very thought of powerpoint karaoke turns me on a little bit.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a 400 words per slide guy.
I’ve read all the best books,
and have a very good audience rating of my powerpoint visual style.
But that doesn’t cut it in a small basement of volunteers
I need more.
And so I turn to the creative minds,
the folks who have been pitching and proposing business
longer than I’ve been breathing air

I read this book in October.
So good, I have to own it.
Got my hands on this book for the holidays.
Can’t wait to dig into it but it’s going to be a tough slog to pick it up.
Non-profit, boring paper agenda types HATE white boards.
They encourage free thinking and problem solving that is uncontrolled
Who said only scientists can save the world and use this method to think?
2011 – Goal set.
I’d love some teachers…anyone I know great at this?
Have sharpie – will travel.

What makes you a linchpin?

Do you think “the system” is broken?

Do you feel like an outsider at work?
Do you often say “am I the only one seeing this”?

Do you solve problems without being asked?
Do you crave creativity, innovation and solutions?
This is the book for you.
But this book was different.
Many who read it felt it spoke directly to them.
Here’s a great video summary of the book
So! What are you going to do about it?!
June last year the author ca
This year we’re meeting again.

Come to connect with like minds and:
– Solve more problems
– Save the world
– Save your sanity
Theme: Philanthropic/non-profit sector
Come with rants, ideas and bones to pick
Billiards is optional. Networking is not.
See you soon, Paul

Hunting powerful books!

Lions hunt in packs

Usually in the early morning or at night
– which is my tribe’s networking schedule too
I hunt almost daily for powerful books
My bias; I would always rather take a personal recommendation
Better than random/fake reviews or snazzy book covers
Can you help?
Please share books you’re reading that are helping you:

– Work smarter
– Achieve results
– Produce more
– Be happier
– Slow down, rest, rejuvenate
Can I help you?
If you’re on LinkedIn please join my book list. I post reviews there often.
If we’re connected on LinkedIn, please post reviews and tell me so I can follow your list!
I’m just one oompa-loompa short of a chocolate factory and can use all the help I can get!
As always, thanks for sharing
Paul – (This is a funny video of me getting caught ‘crashing’ AFP Congress)
Ps. I love books and yes I too have no $ – use the friggin library!
is the second largest circulatory system in the WORLD.

If you use it though, you’re saving money like me.
Please consider donating some of that $.
It will literally change lives.

Standing by you

I’m an 80’s child. When you say team..

This is who I think of.
We all want leaders like Hannibal,
sometimes we get Mr. T.

I was at Canada’s largest fundraising conference this afternoon. I was at another fundraising association reception after work. I talked to over 250 people today.
Yes….we’re doing great things, we’re changing the world, saving lives, feeding the hungry etc….
But what about US dear network. Are YOU all right?
I heard some stories of frustration,
of sadness, anger and challenge today.
People looking for work, pushed around,
knocked down, looking for a clear future.
For those of you on the hunt,
looking for your chance to make a difference.
Keep the faith, stay positive,
I’m just one little goofball trying to help
But I’ll die trying.
Thank you for allowing a dork like me to be of help.
To simply walk with you at this time.
Hope you know, they and me – stand by you.
Please forgive me for being sappy.
I admire and respect you.
No other way to say, we should be there more.
I promise to be here when needed.