The Hidden Job Market

I have always found the term
The Hidden Job Market” confusing

As a networking enthusiast I strongly believe the worst time to look for a job is when you need one and the best time to network is when you are least in need ( more on that later )

Those that know me will know that I’m going to change jobs very soon
A major life change for me.
I’m not changing sectors, still in philanthropy
But I am switching perspectives

In considering a place I never thought I’d find myself
I stumbled onto a curious sight this week in an upscale parking garage
(looking for my Zipcar) where condos average $1 million

Look at these photo’s below…
An office (family photo’s and all) in the middle of a parking garage!
I asked the attendant, this person is there 9-5 every day!
Would you imagine yourself here 5 years ago? 5 years from now?
I was told it’s a very good salary, free parking downtown, private and peaceful
…….you want to talk about a “hidden job”?!

Marketing advisor Promod Sharma posted a great article from Forbes on LinkedIn
citing the brilliant concept of a “Reputation Economy” created by Web 2.0 and Social Media

Networking has never been more important for your career
Looking at online postings and applying through HR just won’t cut it.

Hope those in my network and beyond can join me at the Annex Live on May 3 ( 5 – 7pm ) for a quick celebration of my job move after work
No RSVP, no pressure, no cost, just your time.

If you can’t come, please, let me be of help to achieve your goals.
If you set them, I’m here to help…and am at your service.

2 Replies to “The Hidden Job Market”

  1. Congratulations on your move, Paul. I wish I could attend your celebration.

    A garage office is a creative idea if privacy is not a concern. Talk about transparency!

  2. Paul, thanks for this and so many great posts.
    I have become a believer in this term "careerpreneur" that is often mentioned in similar discussions. My tip is to try to learn as much as you can about business development and marketing from great entrepreneurs and apply that to your own career path. Networking = business development and any successful business person will know that it can lead to un-anticipated opportunities.

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