Who encourages your creativity? Moleskine plug!

Everyone needs someone who can rip them out of their routine
PUNCHES through the clutter of your life…
Who thinks in brilliant terms but from real world experience
Who pumps out ideas and touch points to inspire and challenge

Someone in my world who does this with consistency is Promod Sharma.

He SHOULD be a boring nerd being an actuary with decades of business experience.
These days he’s an advisor to professionals in the financial sector ( website & blog )
I know him as the original Seth Godin fan and marketing zeitgeist monitor.
With some killer blogs on marketing.
Every issue always has something to tempt my imagination.

Last month he highlighted a great set of articles on “the power of the notebook“. Not the movie that strikes fear into the hearts of men everywhere, the recording device.

I’ve always been a fan, but my shelf looked like this.

Then a series of articles in newspapers and magazines and two network contacts converted me to…..the moleskine.

Sure it’s got a great marketing spiel. But it’s the many stories of brilliant people who have used it along the way and the many small details that make it best in class.

I read about 2 books a week and listen to another 2 on audio. The non-floppy but small size allows me to write while jammed in shaky buses, subways, on the side of the road in my car, or in a daze on my nightstand.

They store well for easy reference. I have different colours by topic: black for audio books, red for written books, brown for networking. If you’re a fellow user, check out this great list of tips for using your moleskine!

Killer tip – a mentor of mine named Keith Lohnes of the Salvation Army (who has been around the world and back in service of humanity) transformed my world by sharing that he keeps 3, just 3 post-it notes stuck in every notebook and wallet. For transferring ideas, sharing things with contacts and reminders.

So, how do you capture your brilliance and who is stoking your fire on a regular basis?

Topic of conversation when we meet next.

In the mean time. Promod Sharma rules.

One Reply to “Who encourages your creativity? Moleskine plug!”

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Paul 🙂

    Colour coding Moleskines is a great idea. I prefer loose-leaf pages because I can rearrange the pages. I use pads of yellow lined 5"x8" paper.

    Short points get transcribed elsewhere (e.g., in a CRM system). Longer notes (e.g., from a conference) get scanned into PDFs and stored with meaningful filenames for future retrieval.

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