A note to twitter followers

Greetings and welcome new Twitter follower!

I wanted to go beyond just the standard
“thank you for following me” line.

But I am grateful for the follow and your time.

My Personal Mission statement: Promote purposeful passionate people to help them reach professional and personal potential while enjoying life to the fullest.

I am here to help you. To add value.

Besides Twitter, you might consider
connecting with me on LinkedIn
but only if we can do business
that will benefit you.

My trademark seeker statement:
“If hindsight is 20/20,
I want to view life
using the clear vision
of others learned wisdom”

That’s where you come in.
Please share, teach and guide.
I am listening.

My only requirement for Tweeps
is that we use our time to help
others whenever possible.

Thanks again!

Paul Nazareth

Oh…and one more thing…

Fear of loss

This is going to be a confusing post.
It won’t have as much of a point as usual.

Just a comment that really rocked me this morning.
Here’s why.

Yesterday while doing the big “dish wash” on Saturday afternoon
I was listening to this rather deep show on death on CBC’s Tapestry

That night I watched a surprisingly well told story by Clint Eastwood – Hereafter ( don’t hate on Matty D until you see it )

Before I went to sleep a chapter of one of the greatest stories
of love and loss was on TV ( don’t judge!!! ) It is the story of the danger of “the fear of loss”
What it can lead us to do.

So this morning while listening to a random CBC show on “forgiveness”

I heard a father talking about something his daughter said to him before she was killed in an accident:
“Don’t cry because it’s over…. Smile because it happened.”

I think about loss a lot. It’s part of my job, of all our lives.
I would love to hear your opinion some time.

Or now. Comments are welcome.

Boss books

Let’s stop B-S’ing each other eh?

We can talk about better opportunities
or cite work issues – we’re professional after all
but behind closed doors – everyone knows
Our biggest job problems are people. Most often bosses.

An internationally respected author in non-profit ( Penelope Burke )
shared a little about her upcoming book “I’m leaving”
Inspired me to “come out of the closet” and publish this list

For many years I have read every book
I could get my hands on to coach others
through trauma, discomfort and distress
to help myself through sticky situations
and to make sure I caused as few as possible
when on that fateful day I became – “boss”

I get asked a lot about the best of the 20+ I’ve read
Here are a few.

Under the “no A-hole is going to chase me out of my job
(dealing with it)” category:

“I Hate People!: Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What You Want Out of Your Job”

It almost sounds defeatist and negative
but it’s all about recognizing the problem
understanding the issues
and providing concreate ways to deal with others

With names like:
– The stop sign
– The bulldozer
– Smiley Face
– Switchblade
– The spreadsheet and more…
you’ll recognize coworkers instantly
and you’ll have a new arsenal to achieve in spite of them

2) “Am I the only sane one working here?”

Another great read where you’ll get some stress relief
learn a lot about what’s causing you problems
and find solutions to deal with them.

This book is a little more evil
because it encourage you
to watch bad people melt down
and enjoy it a little bit

The “Problem Boss” category

Wow, this one was a biggie. It was powerful.
For those people with truly terrible bosses
Who throw tantrums, shout, hiss, get personal
passive-aggressively perpetrate evil
This book is a life saver.
Chicken soup for the jaded soul (fun read)

It specifically discusses the many
faces, moods and methods of truly tyrant bosses
and gives you instant ways to deal and deflect

It’s only slight flaw,
you might need to be a parent
or understand children to read it.

Solving the problems daily category:

This book isn’t about “bosses”
but is all about “non-violent communication
Much like a big favorite of mine “Crucial Conversations
This book instantly gives you every day language
to become a judo-word master
and deflect and diffuse problems
before they start

I’ve tried it. THIS IS REAL.

Don’t become that boss category!

A fable format book
you can get through on a couple commutes
it really shows you how high producing professionals
can easily become bad bosses

Like Anakin Skywalker started
as a kind young lad and became Lord Vader

A fun and insightful read.
If you have a “bad boss”
this book will even help you
to understand them a lot better.

A more recent publication “Good Boss, Bad Boss”
I like that it considers the stress
we’ve all been under during the recession.
This book starts by acknowledging
that most bosses don’t even want to be a boss, or “lead”

With wonderful bonuses like
– the ego survey
– top traps to becoming a bad boss
– how to actually earn respect from employees
– how to be firm but empowering

This book is great value
and filled with great advice
for the present and the future

I personally HATE the word boss because,
as I’ve been saying since Grade 1
You’re not the boss of me”
but you know who IS the boss of me?

That’s the number one thing
that comes out of all these books
is that all we can control
is ourselves and our own reactions to others

Master that, and no one can screw with you.

I have had brilliant supervisors
I have been blessed with tyrants and despots
BOTH have taught me much

I hope these books and notes are of value.
Use them in good health and maybe….
your employees won’t refer to you as


Don’t let it come to this. ( opens July 2011)

Funny business is still business

I’m getting tired of being tackled every damn time
I take a picture for Twitter or a blog post

So I’ve gotten in the habit of asking
1. Can I take a picture to promote you
2. Do you have a Twitter handle?

The answer is usually:

1. Wow thank you!
2. Haa haha Social Media is stupid, what is Twitter?

So I work in a new area now and I was out and about today for lunch

Working with events over the years
I am a sucker for sharp, beautifully arranged flowers
Today I saw a whole shop of near perfection
and had to just stop and stare, and Tweet!

I walked in and asked my questions and had to stop at #1

“No no you can’t take any pictures,
we’ve had some funny business”

What about those flowers. Nope.
These ones? No.

But I want to send a note to event planners
brides and fundraisers in my business network.
We have a website, send them there.

Wow. How very web 1.0

Looking at the Pistil website, I get it. They have signature stuff.
But like Seth Godin says, if your art is a secret
and you must patent/defend it
You don’t make art, you make widgets

The art is you and your work and your relationship with your customer

So *phew* good news Pistil!
I’m nobody, I’m not a customer
Tell me to shut up and get out,
you lost nothing
I won’t be up to any funny business

But the last thing you’ll get from me
….is my business

Son of a B!?&# they have a cool blog though!

YNP II provides Proof. Networking is alive and well

Another fantastic event by Stephen Thomas
for Young Non-Profit professionals

Ironic that it was held at a bar called “Proof”.
Although the bar alludes to Vodka, this event to me is proof that someone out there is willing to invest in young talent at a time when the sector is grinding them up like sausage meat. Took guts to make networking the main event. And damn it worked!
But I digest….

Thoughts from a night of high impact networking

Several people commented that I cheated
and brought my own nametag
If you ever see me, I NEVER wear lanyards.
They are networking death
Always turned the wrong way,
they direct your attention down to the stomach
And I gots enough problems going on around there,
why direct your attention to the scene of the crime?!
BTW: Here’s where to wear it….

No, we all have those “work” magnetic nametags now.
So….just take that one and slip it in the nametag!
Also, an idea discussed on Twitter by my social media mentors:
Leah, Kimberley and Claire – write your handle on all nametags!

More brilliance? Check out the five tips they sent out the day before:

1. Bring a stack of business cards, you just never know
2. Download the attendee list here
3. Like us on facebook, if you haven’t already. (Facebook sucks, follow them on LinkedIn)
4. Are you on twitter? Use the hashtag #YNPcanada to find other YNP’ers
5. Got a smartphone? Download these 2 free apps: Bump & RedLaser

Take note AFP and CAGP conference committee’s.
1,2 and 4 should be a “must” before all professional gatherings. Period.

Lastly, I set up about 15 coffee meetings for later..
but a word of comment…
Can we retire the phrase “pick your brain”
Leave that to the zombies.

In the mean time, congrats ST team.

Another slam dunk.

Whatta man – Ken Wyman

Went to the Humber College portfolio viewing tonight

In a wicked-dynamic space created by ING.
Centre for Social Innovation
meets Jamba Juice with bank machines
Seriously, check it out HERE and in the Globe n’Mail

Some solid networking done but my favourite part
was watching Ken Wyman work the room for his students
This is a guy who has seen success,
has done his bit for King, Queen & country
advocates, works hard, he hustles for those in his care.

He goes beyond educator, to shepherd
A bodhisattva of sorts, here to help others find their voice
Something the great Steven Covey stresses in the 8th habit

There is no patron saint for fundraisers, a big beef of mine
and sure Ken’s not dead yet, far from it
but I’m going to start gathering my papers
to make a case-for-support ( pardon the pun )

AFP honoured him, he is well known in the community
Fundraising, young professionals, we all owe this guy a debt of gratitude
He raises the bar on humanity, humility and professional excellence

Sure he’s not as ripped as his enviro-peer David

But Whatta man……

A professional love letter on defying gravity

This is a little embarassing
Yes, I love ………….musicals.
( don’t you judge me!)

Yesterday I was speaking at a conference aptly named “Passion for Philanthropy

My session was a short version of my human mission statement: “Passion for people, networking for cause and career”.

As you know I’m going through a bit of a metamorphosis right now….
As BOTH Peter Parker and Seth Brundle once said:
“Something is happening to me”

I gave a session that was unfettered by the baggage I’ve carried for years working in non-profit. It was exhilarating.

And I have no idea what the future holds but my joy yesterday was made so much more powerful by people who continue to impact me. As usual…I’ll name names:

Scott Fortnum embodies passionate professionalism with joy and an open heart

Tania Little an expert fundraiser and social media guide where few exist right now

Deborah LeGrove breaks down the ingredients of excellence in a sector that shows little value for it

Fraser Green
continues to push us to FEEL the power of philanthropy ( and our own humanity ) in the middle of a heartless paper driven sector

and I wouldn’t be at Georgian if not for the mentorship and support of Linda Clemow and Kim Goggins

At one point I said something that years ago would have got me fired….
A rant but important point about blackberry’s….and got spontaneous applause?

On my drive home and now on my drive up to my fortress of solitude,
UofT’s Hart House Farm,
where I go to reflect between every job change for the past 15 years

I’m listening to the soundtrack for “Wicked
These two characters embody the personal war I’m fighting.

The “good witch” , the world of charity, seemingly knoble but often dysfunctional and unkind

The “bad witch” of for-profit who is easy to hate but whose intentions are often pure…

I’m off to think and reflect, something busy people never do. I haven’t for years.
Wise mentors push me to stop and think often. I am so grateful to these and the dozens of other peers who lead and teach me

My question to you is, who are your teachers?
Your personal board of directors?
Have you told them what they do for you? Is it time for a board meeting, turnover?

I leave you with a song about how I feel at this very moment. Thanks for reading!

Get it all out of your system

Big change in my career right now
An identity shift

Yesterday I was a medium sized fish in a small pond
Today I’m like a booger floating in the ocean

But it goes deeper that that
– ironically I’ve been speaking about this shift publicly for years

When a non-profit professional moves over to for-profit they call it “turning to the dark side”. I remember when a great peer of mine moved. It was tragic to watch them being treated differently

I always found this attitude incredibly ignorant.
So I shared this opinion and warned peers the risk they were taking — that annoying and maybe insulting a valuable network contact whose influence has just tripled
may be the wrong move.

So I just made that move.
As you can see at my “coming out party” last night
I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to poke fun…

But both I and you, dear network,
have a few months.

Come fall 2011.
I’ll stop making the jokes.
When you say it, I won’t be mean or embarrass you.
I’ll probably smile, but come nightfall,
There will be one less trusted peer in my network

This is not a threat

I am always working to test the best in my network
to offer my opportunity and resources to propel you further, faster
But as always, I demand an attitude of abundance, kindness and humility
(and you should demand it from me, always)

We’ve got a battle to fight, some heavy lifting to do.
And as a wise-guy said, “do or do not“….

May the force….be with us both!