Words that work in business – Ike Lasater, Julie Stiles

Hate the title, the tag isn’t bad:
“A practical guide to effective communication in the workplace”.

It should have been called “confessions of a jerk-wad boss who learned how to be a human being and help others do the same”.

I liked that the writer, a former partner in a law firm fesses up to his challenges and previous solutions. With peers, subordinates and family.

This is a very thin book – worth every second of the read.

Focus on the concept of “NVC“, non-violent communication.

This is NOT touchy-feely let me assure you.

This book will help you:
– Deflate office tension
– Communicate more effectively ( and how to coach others )
– Express your needs more quickly ( without wasting time with “hurt feelings” )
– Not be a bad boss ( and get more from employees )
– Help others help you get better!

This is a MUST READ for anyone manager and above.

The glossary of words associated with office talk was of huge value.

How do you address humanity and still get the damn work done?
– This is the book

Ps. If you are having trouble with people. Read this book.

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