The Compromise Trap

A must read book for anyone who experiences frustration at work but practices purposefulness and can see the value in the logic of compromise and not settling.

I’m really surprised at how in-depth this book gets. From being a junior first time worker right up the chain of management and leadership.

Very good ideas, strategies and advice from people in the field at how to deal with very complex situations. I didn’t find myself rolling my eyes once! No platitudes here.

Favourite quotes:

“Principles and values are meaningless until they are costing you money”

“The devil does his deals in degrees”

“You won’t always know when you’ve crossed a line”

“The corporate world is very good at trading less for more of you”

“Double bind: A subject that is undiscussible and whose very mention is also undiscussible”.

Left me with tools that will help me deal with challenges, eliminate stress and see unhealthy compromise when it knocks on my door.

Loved it!

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