Teams and Trust

What a delicious business book moment! My favourite business news column reviewed two of my all time favourite books on the concept of trust in teams!
If you don’t follow the Globe Careers team on Twitter or LinkedIn – I highly recommend them.

Patrick Lencioni is one of my all time favourite business
book authors because of how he uses the fable format. It makes for a
more readable book, more memorable lessons because you are discussing
theory AND case studies at the same time – powerful.

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
is one of his global best sellers because it addresses the real
challenges that teams face in the office and comes up with solutions I
know work as I now know over 10 teams who have used it to solve issues
and boost productivity. I’m a fan of the audio book.

The second book in the article is Stephen MR Covey’s “The Speed of Trust
One of the shortest audio books around, and the most powerful in it’s discussion points and office solutions for issues around Trust. Don’t let the simplicity and the aw-shucks attitude fool you – this book solves real problems.

Lastly a quick plug for the thoughts from a peer I trust greatly, Promod Sharma. An Actuary turned blogger and media expert, Trust is the topic of his 2012. Enjoy!

Some of the greatest office problems I have ever faced were solved using techniques from these two books and advice from Promod– enjoy the read and as always please share your thoughts below!
Continued success in all you do,


Bonus. Two quick great video’s on the books!


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