Reader chosen value – Top Posts of 2011

A little while back I was speaking with an architect I highly respect and I asked him “why did you put such an odd winding path in that location”?

He answered that it was an old architect trick, open the building and wait for the people who use it to wear a path in the grass. It will be the most convenient path between two points of importance the architect may never understand….but it is critical to them – and so he waits -and makes a formal path there later.

I believe – that people vote with their feet.
Here on the interwebs people vote with clicks

So, hoping it’s of value to you, this is what you told me were the most valuable reads of 2011:

LinkedIn Tips

I don’t want your resume

Who’s got your back? The secret partner

Young NonProfit Canada – A new community

Business Cards

Social Media Breakfast – Secrets of LinkedIn

2010 Golden Crab Awards

Some folks don’t know I also have a business book blog
because not everyone can follow my Amazon book list on LinkedIn

Here are the top five reviews readers chose in 2011

The New Leader’s 100 Day Action Plan

UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging

LinkedIn Log – The greatest resource on LinkedIn yet!

Top 7 must read books on Networking

Books dealing with bosses and trouble at work

As we head into 2012 I hope to continue to be of value,
thanks for investing your time with me and remember, when I say
I’m at your service

I mean it.

So get in touch and keep in touch.


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